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What is the difference between fashion and costume Jewellery?

description: There is a lot of confusion about fashion jewellery and costume jewellery. You can read this article to know more on the topic and find out the differences within.

It is very much common to get confused between fashion jewellery and costume jewellery. However, there are enough reasons present to make people think such a way. For more than hundreds of years, costume jewellery has always been a part of our culture. And it is a trend for the people who are wanting to own some of the beautiful but affordable jewellery that is still in fashion nowadays.

There are also some of the discussion to clarify whether fashion jewellery is an appropriate term or one must use the term Real or Fine jewellery for classification. Simply, there are two lines of thought on this. Well, there are some people who use the term fashion jewellery and costume jewellery interchangeable as they believe relating to the same product.

They normally refer the term jewellery for necklace, rings, brooches, earrings, and bracelets along with the other jewellery items made of inexpensive and non-precious metals. To be very much clear on this thing, you must know that the items are made of base metals, gold tone, silver tone with acrylic, glass, plastic, semi-precious stones, and synthetic.

The diamonds can be made of diamante or cubic zirconium and the pearls can be made of glass or plastic. Based on this clarification, it can be considered that the term totally depends on age. For instance, a teenager may prefer saying fashion jewellery whereas a more mature woman could say costume jewellery instead.

In this case, both of them will be correct either way. Along with this clarification, there are a lot of people who think that both of the types are completely different. They only prefer saying that the costume jewellery is something that can only be named for the items, which are fake as the stones and metals are not real. On the other hand, the type of jewellery you normally see on popular fashion magazines such as Vogue, Marie Claire, and Tattler can be real.

They think that such kind of jewellery is often made by top designers and for that reason, fashion is very much at the forefront. Even as those are made by the top designers, those items will be of a much higher quality and may be made of real gold, silver, diamonds, and pearls. All of these reasons are making them is so much expensive.

Furthermore, such popular designers are so revered that their creations are often shown as setting the fashion trend instead of following them. However, within a few months of time, you will probably see those higher quality items setting the fashion trend trickling down through the high street. Of course, the silver and gold will be replaced by base metal and diamonds and pearls will be replaced by diamante till the time, the final item looks alike to the original one.

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