Great Brunch Places in Jakarta

The Most Recommended Great Brunch Places in Jakarta For Traveler

In Indonesia, there are Great Brunch Places in Jakartafor you to feel different brunch experience while on travel. As we know, brunch is a meal that combines breakfast and lunch. In the country of origin, brunch is a habit that is done by people as a tradition. But in Indonesia, brunch is a lifestyle that became popular so many people undergo the habit of enjoying the brunch. The habit of enjoying brunch in Indonesia actually appeared not long ago. So, surely you will feel a very different atmosphere when enjoying brunch in Indonesia.

Brunch in Indonesia is often used as an arena to gather with family, colleagues, and friends. So to do brunch in Indonesia not only to fill the stomach, but also as an opportunity to communicate with family, colleagues, and friends. Doing brunch in Indonesia because of it has a very different atmosphere with brunch commonly done in the United States or England. Because in these two countries, brunch is a tradition carried out by people. While in Indonesia, brunch tends to be a lifestyle enjoyed by people. If you’re on travel in Indonesia, you need to experience this on your travel. Here are some Great Brunch Places in Jakarta for travelerrecommended for you.

  1. Sophie Authentique at 11Cipete Raya street

Sophie Authentique is the most recommended restaurant and cafe in Jakarta to enjoy brunch. This place is much recommended because the brunch menu is very complete. In this place, each menu has a delicious meal. The most favorite menu in this place is Croque Madame. For the traveler, this place is highly recommended because of its cozy place and delicious menu.

  1. The Goods Diner at 14 SCBD Jend. Sudirman street

The good diner is a restaurant and cafe that provides variety of brunch menu, but only at the weekend. In this place, you can enjoy full menu of sandwiches, bagels, and pancakes that’s on offer.The menu in this place that became the target of many people is Crab Cake Benedict.

  1. Common Grounds at Ground Floor City Walk Sudirman

Common Ground is the place for you to enjoy brunch and good coffee.The place is spacious and comfortable making Common Ground into a fitting place to rest and relax after traveling in Indonesia. In this place, you can enjoy Eggs Benedicts which became the favorite menu of many people.

  1. Union Deli at Ground Floor Grand Indonesia East

If you want to enjoy a brunch with special cakes menu, Union Deli is the place you should go. This place is rumored to focus on serving delicious gourmet sandwiches. When you come to this place, the favorite menu in here is Classic Pastrami.

That is reccomendation for traveler about Great Brunch Places in Jakarta? need to visitwhen you travel to Indonesia. Actually, there are still many other places that are highly recommended for you to visit if you want to enjoy brunch in Indonesia. Take your time to visit these places to experience a unique and interesting brunch.

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