Thermal Labels

Materials For Making The Thermal Labels And Their Benefits

Use of labels is advantageous for overall progress of any concern. Its sales can touch the heights with quality labels. Prominent companies make use of thermal labels that involve the direct thermal and thermal transfer methods. Thermal print head is used for applying heat to the surface while the heated ribbon is helpful for the long lasting images. However direct transfer does not need any ribbon. More sensitive to heat, abrasion and light this method can create the images directly. Thermal label printers are quite useful for producing quality and accurate images that facilitate unparalleled edge definition. This special method facilitates printing within the tight tolerances and exact bar widths.

Many people need the labels for general purposes while few require them for special applications. The choice of material also depends upon the application as regards the labels. Following materials are generally used for making the labels:

  • Materials for general purpose labels –?
  1. Thermal Transfer Paper – This special type of paper is suitable for packaging and shipping labels. Excellent quality of print and permanent adhesive is involved in this type of paper and the labels made from it last long. However the sheet style inkjet or laser labels may not run for prolonged periods and deteriorate soon. It is recommended that T38/T39 printing ribbon is used.
  2. Thermal Transfer Plastic – Quite popular these days, this type of material resists the smudging and water. It is quite durable, strong and facilitates quality printability that is its unparalleled feature. Generally used for asset-tracking, product marking and HMIS labeling; thermal labels made from this material run for about three to six months that depends much upon the climatic conditions. T68/T69 or T96/T97 Resins are the recommended printing ribbons.
  3. Thermal Transfer Polyester – This extraordinary material facilitates great resistance to tears, scratches and water. Labels made from it are quite durable. It is available with the aggressive permanent acrylic adhesive and suits for long lasting outdoor durable labels, asset / instrument / post-soldier circuit board marking etc. Printing ribbon T84/T85 is recommended.
  • Materials for special application labels – Materials including the UPC are used for such thermal labels. Time and money can be saved in a big way. Printing of customized UPC Barcode Labels is possible with this method. Unmatched print quality from the popular matte white paper is possible with this unique material. T38/T39 is recommended. Other types of materials include Warehouse Retro Labels, Chemical Resistant Labels and Free-R-Mark label etc.

Use of labels is quite advantageous for any company as regards its sales and overall progress. Labels go a long way in apprising the general public about the products and services of any concern. Lot of money can be saved by ordering big quantity of labels. In-house label printers may be installed for saving the valuable time with timely fulfillment of the specific needs of the entity. Moreover effective control can be enjoyed with own label printers. This impressive labels can be of great use for the company and its growth.

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